Cao Fei's Prison Architect (Trailer 2018)

Prison Architect takes inspiration from the sombre histories of the Victoria Prison, located in the earliest penal structure complex built in Hong Kong under British colonial rules. Filming on site of the original prison, now the important part of Tai Kwun - the Centre for Heritage and Arts, opened in June 2018 after ten years of restoration work. The two protagonists: a prisoner and an architect living in parallel realities (in the present time and an ambiguous distanced past), conjure up imagination and experiences about imprisonment. And time presents the artist's debate on the relations of humans, the world, and freedom - the visible and the invisible imprisonment, existentialism as a means of self-redemption, and questioning at once the relationship of humans to the space around them. The artist's attempt at reconciliation with the world and human nature.

Commissioned by Tai Kwun Contemporary

Director, Screenwriter, Editor: Cao Fei
Actors: Valerie Chow, Kwan Sheung Chi
Cinematographer: Kwan Pun Leung
Original Music: Dickson Dee