rerun + new version of Mr Blank / CCDC , Choreography : Sang Jijia

Mr Blank
Contemporary Dance Theatre

the artists

Choreography : Sang Jijia

Dramaturgy : Janice POON
(By kind permission of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts)

Original Music : Dickson Dee

Set and Lighting Design : Leo CHEUNG
(By kind permission of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts)

Assistant Lighting Design : Lawmanray

Costume Design : Cindy HO Pui-shan

Video Design : Oliver SHING

Sound Design : Anthony YEUNG

If something is captured on film, does it mean it is true? What is under the eye of the camera – protection, justice, exploitation or manipulation?

CCDC Resident Choreographer Sang Jijia’s new work Mr Blank boldly challenges the controversies in the use of surveillance.

Our world is a giant film studio. Every moment is recorded. Everybody is used to being watched.
One Mr Blank after another looks for his own self through traces remained in this enclosed space.
Enter the cracks in Mr Blank’s memory through the camera. Take on the powers that see everything.

Are you ready?

Hailed as ‘the perfect dancer’, Tibetan choreographer Sang Jijia embeds spoken words, music and new media into his movements, working in close partnership with dramaturg Janice Poon, musician Dickson Dee, set and lighting designer Leo Cheung, costume designer Cindy Ho, video design Oliver Shing and sound design Anthony Yeung. Mr Blank is a brand new dance theatre experience that plays a game of control with audiences.

Dec 27 - 30, 2020, 7PM

The Box, Freespace, Art Park, West Kowloon Culture District